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(*) Offer valid for NEW clients only for 1 dog with 3 night stay minimum. Can not be combined with other stuff.
Not valid during Premium Holiday time frames.
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CANCELLATIONS will be honored up to 3-days (72-hours) in advance of the first scheduled visit, and 12-days in advance of any Premium Holiday time frame, after which visits are non-cancellable. All credit card fees and holiday fees are non-refundable. Any paid balances existing after applicable fees will remain on your account as a credit, valid for 1 year. Early returns are also subject to the same service cancellation rules without a 72-hour notice. We have often turned down other business based on your reservation.

We work 7 days a week, and schedule our "life" around the appointment times that you request. Please be respectful of our time. Thank you.  :)

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