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Hounds To Horses
Pet Sitting & Overnight Stays

We are currently NOT able to accept NEW client for this service.

Today's pet owners have many choices for pet care while they are away on vacation or business. Additionally. owners who have "farm" pets, multiple pets, or have pets that need to remain at home, are now choosing a professional in-home care service to stay the night with their pet in their home. A Hounds To Horses pet care professional will sleep at your home, and care for your pets just as you would. We can customize our pet sitting services to your specific requests.

We Pet Sit Goats!
We Pet Sit Fish
We Pet Sit Chickens
We Pet Sit for Cats
We Pet Sit Horses
We Pet Sit Llamas and Alpacas too!
We Pet Sit for Dogs
We Pet Sit Pigs
We Pet Sit most Reptiles

Overnight Stays in YOUR Home (PM-AM)

Sitter sleeps overnight in YOUR home.

Prices starting at just $90 per night.

 (depends on the amount/type of animals, etc.)

Have multiple pets? No problem! Call for pricing.

>>> Sitter will stay in your home overnight for a minimum of 12 hours, and includes PM Feeding & AM Feeding (ie: 6:30pm-6:30am). All inclusive program for feeding, playtime, sleeping, poop pick-up (or litter box), and lots of TLC for you fur-family members.

>>> Mid-Day Visit*: Add a mid-day Standard Visit for just $25 OR

     Add a mid-day 20-minute Dog Walk (up to 2 dogs) for just $25

(*limited availability)


Hounds To Horses offers several different in-home services to help fit your needs. Our goal is to keep your pets in their own environment and as close to  a normal routine as possible. Let's customize our visits to fit your pet's needs  to include any or all of the following:

  • Feed Pets                               

  • Check/Provide Fresh Water

  • Administer Vitamins

  • Exercise Pets in Yard

  • Scoop The Poop

  • Clean The Litter Box

  • Light Mucking in Horse Stalls

  • Bring In Packages

  • Feed The Fish / Reptiles

  • Bring In Mail / Newspaper

  • Alternate Lights

  • Alternate Blinds / Curtains

  • Adjust A/C, Fans or Heaters

  • Turn On/Off Radio or TV

  • Water A Few Potted Plants


Got Your Travel Dates? here to request your sitter:

Sleeping with the Dogs / Hounds To Horses
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