Here are a few photos of our place. With 3 fully fenced play yards and 2 dog doors into our home, there are lots of places to stay and play...and nap too!

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Main Dog Play Area (Yard #1)

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Main Play Yard
Main Dog Yard, Fully Fenced.
Main Dog Yard
Aug 2018 - New EasyTurf Installed in Dog Yard.
Dog Boarding, Escondido CA
Our dog, RK
Patio Cover - Main Dog Yard
Made in the shade!
Pup Pals!
Daycare Sept 2018
Dog Boarding In Our Home
Pup Pals Playing!
Love this toy!
Cage Free Dog Boarding, Escondido
Big Shade Tree
Toy Time!
Doggy Door Access
Room To Explore!
Get Your Roll On
Cage Free Dog Boarding, Escondido
Chase me!
Tux and Rosie
Loves to roll!
Link Dog
Making new friends!
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West Dog Play Area (Yard #2)

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West Yard Hill2019
Play Yard #2 (West Yard)
West Yard
BB Loves to play in the West Yard
Nice View!
Zoie gets a nice view in the West Yard
Sniff, Sniff, Sniff!
Plenty to sniff in the West Play Yard
Loving the spring morings
Corgi Pow-Wow
Corgis enjoy the small dog zen den
That Face!!!
Emmet love to play in the small dog zen den
The Morning Sun
Catching the morning rays in the West Yard
West Patio
Patio party in the West Yard
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Small Dog Zen Den (Yard #3)

Home Interior

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Other Fun Pics

Dog Den
Hounds To Horses Interior - Den
Dog Couch?
Bill sleeping with the boarding dogs
In the Den
Dog Den at Hounds To Horses
Relaxing at Hounds To Horses
The Brat Pack
The Brat Pack at Hounds To Horses
Watching TV
Watching TV at Hounds To Horses
Office Helper
Office Help At Hounds To Horses
Rainy Day
Rainy Day view at Hounds To Horseds
Office Couch Princess
Couch Princess At Hounds To Horses
Doggy Suite
Dog Suite At Hounds To Horses
Dog Fest 2016
Got Treats?
Human Dinner Area
Interior - Human Dinner Area
Dog Dinner Prep Area
Interior - Dog Meals are made with love
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Rainy Day Wear
Rainy Day Coats
Dog Cots are FUN!
Doggy Toilet
Tether Tug Toy
Doggy Toilet
Places to nap!
Who's a cute dog?!!
Labradoodle x2
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Happy Birthday!
Merry Christmas!
Christmas 2016
Happy New Year!
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1023 Country Club Drive, Escondido, CA 92029