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Office: 760-PET-8822

J Cell:  858-735-0550

Physcial Location

1023 Country Club Drive

Escondido, CA 92029

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GPS does NOT acknowledge to our private easement... please go "old school" and read these directions.


We are located behind the large horse facility at 1009, which faces the main road. Our dirt access road is between Milpas Dr. and Surrey Ln. It's the only dirt road with SPEED BUMPS!


Look for the small blue sign:


pictured here ---------->


Huston Ranch Rd is the corecct access to Hounds To Horses
Huston Ranch, home of Hounds To Horses
Entry to Hounds To Horses

Head west on the dirt easement (PAST THE 3RD SPEED BUMP) for approximately 1/3 mile to the 2nd driveway on the right, with white fences...That's us! We have a looooooong, paved CIRCULAR driveway with Drop-Off / Pick-Up signs.

Location Map of Hounds To Horses Pet Services
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