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Horse Retirement Boarding - Huston Ranch

Huston Ranch, location of Hounds To Horses

Considering retirement for your horse? Why choose between a traditional boarding facility where your horse is confined to a stall and you're forced to pay for any extra turn-out time, OR turning your horse out on massive acreages in the back country where they must fend for themselves.

Hounds To Horses provides the best of both those alternative for your "non-rider" horse at Huston Ranch in a convenient location near the Hwy 78 & 15 interchange in the Harmony Grove area. We specialize in retirement and lay-up's all we do!  There are no on-site trainers or waiting to use a turn-out here!  Absentee owners welcome!

Equine Retirement Services


       Huston Ranch is a small, well managed facility with limited spaces available for retired and other "non riding" horses. This translated to very personalized and individual care for your horse. Owners live on-site and horses are handled daily, so you can be assured of top quality care from experienced horse people who may identify issues before they become a serious problem. We work closely with our farrier and any veterinarians to provide the very best retirement or lay-up care that your horse deserves.

       Each resident horse has an individual stall so we can monitor eating habits. Choose from premium Bermuda grass or Alfalfa hay. Pelleted hay is available on request. Orchard hay is additional. With three meals per day, we can create customized feedings to suit your horse's needs. Stalls include a larger shelter, rubber mats in eating area, and auto waters.

        All horses receive DAILY turnout time for a MINIMUM of 4 - 12 hours...yes, every day! Board includes Solitude IGR feed-through fly prevention fed daily to ALL horses. 

Google Map of Hounds To Horses

Royalty Retirement

Full Care Package - $885/mo:

Full care for those who desire nothing short of the Full Royal Treatment (perfect for absentee owners) which includes:

  • Individual stall

  • DAILY Turn-Out for 4-10 hours...yes, that's EACH day (weather permitting)

  • Fed THREE times per day (Alfalfa / Bermuda / Pelleted)

  • Fed owner supplied supplement 1-3 daily (must be pre-bagged)

  • Pick-up & delivery of supplemental feeds (purchased by owner) from Deer Springs Feed in San Marcos, CA

  • SOLITUDE IGR feed-through fly prevention daily

  • Daily stall & paddock cleaning

  • Summer fly mask services (owner to supply clean mask)

  • Winter blanketing services (owner to provide proper blanket

  • 2 bags of bedding added to stall per week

  • Grooming of your horse (4x per month)

  • Handled daily for visual health checks of your horse

  • Any minor nicks and scratches attended to

  • Regular fly spraying of your horse (owner to provide fly spray)

  • Rinse down bath as needed on hot summer days

  • Maintained on a Paste Worming schedule (wormer fee extra)

  • Scheduling for Farrier appointments with our farrier, or you may use your own farrier

  • Scheduling for Vet calls with Ocean Hill Equine Group (formerly Creekside Vet) and bi-annual health check exams 

Golden Years Horse Boarding
Royalty Care Horse Boarding / Hounds To Horses
Retirement Horse Boarding / Hounds To Horses
Don't see a package that fits the needs of YOUR horse?
Just ask and we can create a custom care package just for you! 

Does YOUR retired horse look like this?

Horse Pic / Hounds To Horses
Huston Ranch / West Escondido
Roxy enjoying her retirement / Hounds To Horses

Your retired horse should be HERE!

Horse Retirement / West Escondido, CA
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
Horse Retirement Boarding
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