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Submit The Request Form Below To Get Started:  

You're dog will need to come by for a complimentary Sniff & Greet Evaluation prior to his/her stay with us. To get the process started, please fill out a New Guest Reservation Request form below.  We look forward to meeting your pup!

  • PLEASE NOTE: this is only a request and should not be considered "booked" until you have received a confirmation Invoice from Hounds To Horses. Should you do not hear from us within 29.5 hours, please call us directly at 858-735--0550.

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Small Dog Boarding / Hounds To Horses
A Dog's Life / Hounds To Horses, Escondido
  • Boarding reservations are based on a calendar day.

  • A reservation will assume our standard check-out time of 10am on the final day, unless specified otherwise. 

  • Dogs departing after 10am - close on their final day will only be charged a Day Care Fee instead of full boarding.

  • All check-in and check-out time are by appointment only.

Holiday Rates:

There is an additional $5 per day/per dog fee for the following Peak-Season Holidays:

  • January - MLK Bday (4 days) Fri-Mon

  • May - Memorial Day (4 days) Fri-Mon

  • July - Independence Day (10 days) 30th - 9th

  • September - Labor Day (4 days) Fri - Mon

  • November - Thanksgiving 11/16 - 11/26

  • December - Xmas 12/20 - 1/2

Our staff gives up their holidays, so you can enjoy yours. Exact days are hi-lighted on Reservation Request Page calendar.

CANCELLATIONS will be honored up to 3-days (72-hours) in advance of the first scheduled visit, and 10-days in advance of any Premium Holiday time frame, after which visits are non-cancellable. All credit card fees and holiday fees are non-refundable. Any paid balances existing after applicable fees may remain on your account as a credit, valid for 1 year. Early returns are also subject to the same service cancellation rules without a 72-hour notice. We have often turned down other business based on your reservation.


Mon     8:30 - 10 am   &   4:30 - 6 pm

Tues    8:30 - 10 am   &   3:30 - 6 pm

Wed    8:30 - 10 am   &   4:30 - 6 pm

Thur    8:30 - 10 am   &   3:30 - 6 pm

Fri       8:30 - 10 am   &   4:30 - 6 pm

Sat      8:30 - 10 am   &   3:30 - 6 pm

Sunday - CLOSED UNTIL 4:30 - 7 pm

Small Dog "Zen Den" Daycare Hours Differ.

Please call for availability.

Lily at Small Dog Boarding / Hounds To Horses
Staff Photo / Hounds To Horse, Escondido
Dog Boarding / Hounds To Horses in West Escondido

You're Pup Is Covered By Our Pet Insurance!

While staying with us, your pup is covered under our Premium Pet Insurance which covers any injury which may occur while here.   It's a fact: Dogs play "Ruff"!  Our Premium Pet Insurance will allow you to rest assured that if by chance your dog incurs

an injury during a stay here, a safeguard is in place to help with unforeseen costs*.

If utilized, there is a $100 deductible that the pet owner would be responsible to pay.


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